SRCL develops custom solutions to efficiently handle any material. We will save your company time, money, and the headaches associated with warehousing, systems, personnel, and overhead by tailoring a system that matches your needs perfectly. Plus, with reporting and order input available with real-time feedback and customized reports, we will increase your knowledge and control, enabling you to meet your long-term goals.

We can design solutions tailored to your unique needs without investing in facilities, equipment and people, we provide all those and more dedicated to your business. This allows you to focus investments on supporting your core business. Our dedicated warehouse management solutions help you:


Reduce inventory through better supply chain planning

  • Improve customer service

  • Reduce operational costs through efficient processes and targeted use of warehouse automation

  • Free capital for strategic investments


Finished Goods Distribution


Just as inbound core impacts remanufacturing capabilities, efficient distribution can fuel revenue growth and immediately impact your bottom line. SRCL’s Finished Goods Distribution solution is designed to fully support the sales function and is focused on order fulfillment at the lowest cost and optimum service for all of our OEM’s. Finished Goods Distribution capitalizes on optimization across your divisions and facilities, merging multiple orders from different locations to improve fulfillment, enhancing customer service and reducing transportation costs.


How it works:


Customer orders part:

Order is made and Distribution Center is made aware.

Orders Pulled:

Distribution pulls the order and stages it for shipment.

Orders Shipped:

Distribution Center sets up the shipment and carrier ships order out.

Vendor Receives Order:

Order arrives at final location with accurate, on-time delivery.