SRCL Announcement | Allen promoted to Director of Sales


We are pleased to announce that Cody Allen has been promoted to our Director of Sales position. Cody’s has been extremely effective in leading our Account Management team, delivering outstanding customer service and guiding the development of our system capabilities with our IT development team. Cody’s responsibilities will include the service and growth of our current customer base and expansion of services to new customers and industries.

Reporting to Cody will be Stewart Davis, Senior Account Manager, and Scott Frerichs, Sales Manager. Cody will begin transitioning to his new role immediately. We are confident our Sales and Account Management teams will continue to deliver outstanding customer service and will effectively expand and diversify our services and capabilities with new customers and industry segments.

Cody holds a B.S. in International Business and Commerce. He completed the US Army Logistical Course and is a Combat Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom. We thank Cody for his service to our country. 

Please join us in congratulating and supporting Cody in his new role.