SRC Logistics Warriors For Reiss

Reiss Kaderly is a 3 year old CHD Warrior who likes to play outside with her two dogs, make noises at the cattle, and find new adventures!

Reiss, Sara, and Roy will be on their way to Houston, Texas to the 2nd ranked pediatric cardiology and heart center, Texas Children's Hospital to have open heart surgery.
The heart surgery for Reiss means she will be able to run and play without becoming breathless, be able to play sports longer at a time, make new friends, and have new adventures she wasn't able to do before.

On May 23rd, 2016 the road trip begins to America's 4th largest city.
On May 25th, 2016 the doctors will take Reiss into their hands to start her open heart surgery.

The money raised will be used toward medical and food expenses for the family while they are at the Texas Children's Hospital.
Funds will be collected until June 10th.

Sara works for NewStream Enterprises, a sister company of Springfield Remanufacturing Company (SRC) we have all became a large part of their lives. Reiss will visit us in the office to talk with us, take our candy, draw us pictures on our white boards, and even sometimes give us hugs. So needless to say she is also part of our family.

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