Springfield,MO Philanthropy How one Springfield woman's invention helps to fight cancer

The idea came to Amy Blansit by complete accident.

"One day I was doing my makeup in the morning, I don't wear a ton of makeup but you know, I mix between two colors," she said. "The bracelet had fallen forward and I was just clearing it and that's how it all began."

Amy was wearing a rubber bracelet in support of her husband, Drew, who was fighting colon cancer at the time. The makeup from Amy's brush stuck to the rubber-like material.

Anyone who mixes different colors of powders or liquids when putting on their makeup has to wipe their brushes on something between each color. Most people use a towel, their counter top or, like Amy, their hand.

Amy decided to use that accidental discovery and turn it into something she could sell to make brushes and bathrooms everywhere a little cleaner.

The product is called Solely Jolie and it's patent-pending and for sale online.

"We can use it as a palette in order to keep a cleaner environment," Amy said. "After using it then, it would be just to wash this with normal hand soap, let it air dry and then you're good to go again."

It took a lot of research, but Amy found out that there aren't any other similar products out there, so she went ahead with her invention.

"I had no idea that I would be doing this amongst all of the other things that I juggle, this was just a crazy addition," she said.

Hopefully, Solely Jolie will help women everywhere clean up the process of getting ready in the morning. But Amy hopes the product will do even more good. The bracelet that started it all was in support of Amy's husband Drew, who was battling colon cancer at the time. Drew has since passed, so any success this product brings will be part of his legacy.

"It's something that potentially from Drew, Drew's disease created this idea and this invention, and that it's something that potentially his kids could take over the business or at least it's something that could support them," Amy said. "When Drew's not able to do that, it's still something that came from him and so that's kind of my motivation to keep moving forward with it."

Proceeds from every sale will benefit the Fight Colorectal Cancer Initiative.

Amy is working with the Ormsby Group to market and sell the product, and also come up with different ways it can be used. One idea is to use the material to make a glove for employees of cosmetic counters to use on the job.

Solely Jolie is washable, so when it is full of makeup, you run it under cold water, wash it with hand soap and let it air dry.

You can purchase Solely Jolie by clicking here.

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