February Employee Spotlights- Congrats Mark Meyers & Shiela Foster!

Mark Myers and Shiela Foster were presented their Spotlight Awards this morning at corporate staff. Please recognize and congratulate them for the effort they put in above and beyond their job requirements. They are both excellent examples of owners and deserve a hearty congratulations!

 Mark has been with SRC Logistics going on eight years, he has recently took the CNH warehouse team lead position combining inventory control and CNH Team Lead responsibilities eliminating the inventory control specialist and consuming the responsibilities. Mark puts in extra hours when needed and has helped create tons of time saving reports and processes inside Reclaim. Mark recently mapped out the CNH warehouse and came up with 200 new locations by consolidating and creating new rack locations. Mark's actions really set the standard for an employee owner he's always thinking about cost savings, and how to make processes faster and more user friendly. With Mark's inventory management we have had three straight 100% year-end audits, and gained valuable sales ad to all present or future customers. 

I met Shiela at GGOB workshop, and she immediately recognized the name of my company and told me she ships our Bobcat core. I told her about a problem we have identified and wondered if she could figure out how to help… Every time SRC received a certain core part number it would ship to us… sometimes 2-4 a day in individual shipments. Each month I processes a ton of invoices for $1-$2 apiece and I am sure that it cost Bobcat more than that to process invoices out and payments in on their end. Shiela started working out a plan to ship them out weekly or a least in batches to take away accounting nightmares for everyone down the chain and save her company a fortune in shipping costs. Although the value add of this are apparent, the real value is added in our relationships. We love working with SRC and admire the culture that you have built there.

Shannon Davis, Controller, Woodland Fluid Power