Happy Retirement to Beverly Barlang (30 Years) and Sharon Baker (12 Years)

Miss Bev started at SRC Heavy Duty in 1985 under General Manager, Jack Stack, she started out cleaning CNH Parts, working in the pump room, working in Accounting and eventually in Core Processing. Around 1989 Bev moved to work under Beverly Willis as a Sears Phone Line Representative. In 1990 their offices moved to the PJC building where Miss Bev completed clerical work in the front office. In her role there she worked for Mike Carrigan, Dave LaHay, and Bev Willis until 1993 when she moved back to SRC Heavy Duty to complete accounting tasks for CNH Core. She moved over to Encore, Inc. in 1995 where she has worked in Accounting, completed inventory audits, sent out payroll, greeted our many visitors and performed clerical work until we became SRC Logistics. Bev greets everyone with “Good Morning Sunshine”, she has a deep passion for the SRC Culture and passes it on to every new employee and to our visitors, and she always answers with a yes and a smile for any task asked of her. Bev’s biggest influence throughout her career has been Beverly Willis, “Many people have shown me different programs to use and new things but Bev Willis taught me not to be afraid of a computer. No matter what division or job role I have had it’s always been me, my chair and a computer. Without her teaching me not to be afraid of technology I wouldn’t be where I am today.” Bev has made an impact to everyone she has come in contact with and will be missed dearly from all of her coworkers.



Sharon started at SRC Heavy Duty in 2004 under General Manager, Jeff Payne, she started out as a temp and soon after moved to a painting position which was created for her. At Heavy Duty Sharon received strong support and influence from Kathy Choate and Dave Patterson. Around 2008 Sharon moved to SRC Logistics, taking a Maintenance position, under Leslie Tutor followed by Jim Schultz. In this position she organized the tool crib, created a safety inspection procedure, cutting inspection time down from 3 days to 1 day by number the locations of safety equipment, and adding three additional safety inspections to the list. In 2012 Sharon took a role at the Strafford Warehouse unloading trucks and organizing warehouse inventory. Throughout Sharon’s career she received two Corporate Spotlight Awards one for doing the job that nobody else wanted, from the SRC Heavy Duty team and one from SRC Logistics for saving thousands annually on Bubble Wrap and other maintenance supplies. Sharon has been on multiple panels for Great Game of Business, been a part of multiple SRC Interviews and became debt free in 5 years by using the tools Open Book Management taught her. Sharon is always willing to donate to charities, volunteer for special projects and never goes through a staff meeting without raising her hand and questioning the presenters. Sharon has made an impact to all of SRC Logistics and will be missed.

Amber HallComment