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SRC Logistics, Inc. (SRCL) offers our customers the most comprehensive and hassle-free transportation options in North America. Our team of dedicated, experienced transportation specialists help you save time on managing and costs associated with trans-national transportation.


What We Offer

North American transportation expertise

With over 100 years of combined experience in the transportation industry, SRCL has the industry connections and expertise to offer you the best value for your service.

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Freight Management Solutions

SRCL provides a full range of shipment options, including full truck load (FTL), less than truckload (LTL), parcel, air freight and temperature controlled trucks.

Customs Services for North America

For trans-national freight, we offer cross border management, direct broker communication, help with customs clearance documents and Spanish bilingual support.

Transportation Management System

Our web-based Transportation Management System (TMS) features automated shipping labels/documents, shipment tracking and freight/customs invoice consolidation.


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Our Services

SRCL offers more than just competitive rates.



We provide a variety of options for your local, regional and trans-national deliveries, such as FTL, LTL flat beds, deconsolidation and much more.

Less Than Truckload (LTL)

Improve your shipping methods, increase efficiencies and exceed your customers’ expectations with our LTL services. Consolidation are also offered.

Air Freight

We manage your international and domestic flights to help you through the customs processes and to ensure your rushed shipments arrive on-time.

Freight Management Solutions

We have a team of transportation experts whose only job is to focus on your transportation needs, so you can focus on what matters—your business.


Cross Border Management

Our transportation experts manage all your imports and exports in North America to help make the customs clearance process as easy as possible and to help prevent any shipping delays.

Transportation Management System

Our web-based TMS features automated shipping labels/documents, shipment tracking, direct pickup and freight/customs invoice consolidation.

Supply Chain Services

Our warehousing experts can help you with deconsolidation, finished goods distribution, inventory management and more, so you don’t have to worry about overhead costs.

Return Management Portal

Our user-friendly, web-based return management portal allows OEMS, dealers and suppliers to return products electronically, view eligible returns, track a return and much more.


 Our Capabilities

Our services have industry-leading options so you can personalize your service

  • Local, regional and trans-national deliveries

  • Boxes, flatbeds and containers

  • High value and risk

  • Expedited shipping

  • Hazmat

  • Consolidated LTL

  • Deconsolidation

  • Classification consultation

  • Consolidated invoicing

  • Temperature controlled transport


Need supply chain services?

We can help you manage your inventory so you don’t have to invest in facilities, equipment or people. Our dedicated warehouse management solutions help you with deconsolidation, distribution, management and more.


Our Customers

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Our services extend to agriculture, construction, marine, locomotive markets and more.

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 About Us

SRC Logistics, Inc. (SRCL) is a premier provider of third-party logistics services, including freight management solutions, warehousing and distribution. SRCL’s focus is to provide you with the most comprehensive and hassle-free trans-national transportation in the North America. Headquartered in Springfield, Missouri, SRC Logistics is part of SRC Holdings Corp. (SRC) and specializes in core logistics and core management for the remanufacturing industry.