With the improved management of our core, we have been able to concentrate on the growth of our reman business.  Our dealers have stated how easy it is to return core. This provides our dealers confidence in our reman business and is allowing us to grow this business sector.  

—Wayne Hintz
Remanufacturing Manager



Active core management is the foundation of any successful remanufacturing program. Without it, your customers will face shortages and surprises. Since CNH Reman implemented (RLMS) we’ve seen improvement across the board: “Best in Class” service fill combined with streamlined core return processes have delighted our customers! Our program simply wouldn’t be where it is today without it!

—Tom Hilmes
General Manager
CNHR Industrial Reman


SRC Logistics is a great company to work with. Their operations, information systems, and people are the best in the industry.  As a remanufacturer of hydraulic cylinders for OEMs, JARP Industries is sensitive to the challenges associated with effectively and efficiently acquiring and managing core.  When speaking with prospective remanufacturing customers, I ask about their core acquisition and management processes.  I always recommend to them that they consider working with SRC to leverage SRC’s experience and excellent service to drive the customer’s presence and growth in Reman.” 

—Rob Stack (no relation)
VP Business Development
JARP Industries