Problems are excellent guides to improvement,
but only if the real problem is identified.

We make the ease of Supply Management for each of the OEM’s suppliers unbeatable in a real-time, user friendly module. Suppliers have a single sign on to order core, return core, manage their warranty and view real-time inventory 24/7.



We've made it easy for the supplier to order core, track warranty, view inventory and view core criteria for each part.

View Current Inventory

  • Suppliers can view inventory levels. This list can be edited to “good” inventory based on suppliers request with Characteristic Defect Codes.

Manage Warranty List

  • Suppliers can see warranty information by part number, product, claim number and dealer and allows each supplier to manage the warranty list.

Create Orders

  • Supplier can view and edit their open orders, create new orders, view shipped orders and completed orders.

Supplier Tools

  • This tool allows the supplier to search by Reman, new or core part number to view standard  value, weight, a picture, criteria and secondary's for each part they wish.