SRC Logistics, Inc. (SRCL) is a premier provider of third part logistics services including transportation, warehousing, and finished goods distribution. Specializing in reverse logistics related to the remanufacturing industry and core management, SRCL provides full service supply chain solutions for our OEM partners and their customer base.


SRC Logistics and its “Best in Class” system (RLMS) help create a proactive Core management package to supply reman and increase profitability for our OEM partners.

Transportation Services

With over 10,000 carriers in our North American network, we have the trucks you need to get your shipments moving. For assistance with truckload, hotshot, flatbed or other specialized equipment.

Strategically Located

Our southwest Missouri location is ideal for balanced domestic shipping and receiving. Our average nationwide transit time is 2.12 days. SRC Logistics services are fast and efficient.


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