Core Management is the first investment an OEM
should make to grow a Reman Program.

SRC Logistics offers qualified core return management solutions for the agriculture, heavy duty construction, marine, locomotives markets and more. The modular packages can be flexibly adapted to suit individual companies and product requirements, this helping to create the fast and efficient business procedures crucial to long-term success.

With SRCL you can benefit from an all-round consultation and support. The SRCL experts will analyze your existing business processes and help you to plan the necessary service modules. No matter how individual the requirements of your company may be, the SRCL service and system concept can be adapted to fully accommodate the specific structures involved to increase your bottom line and flourish OEM Reman programs.

How does our core return process work?


  • View Carrier tracking information


  • Visibility of when Core is received by SRCL


  • Let’s you know the inspector, date of inspection and any defect codes applied


  • Review credit information by part and PSO part was credited on