Founded in 1994, SRC Logistics, Inc. specializes in core and warranty material management, customized and fully integrated IT systems, and freight management solutions.

SRC Logistics Inc. was originally founded under the name Encore, Inc in Spingfield, MO. At the time, the company focused solely on core storage and management. In an effort to more fully capture the broad service offering, the company changed its name to SRC Logistics in 2008.


SRC Logistics specializes in turn-key core and warranty material management, dealer training, and 48 hour processing time on core engines and components. 


SRC Logistics offers customized and fully integrated IT systems providing sales and return data for dealers, suppliers and OEMs, along with freight brokerage services and asset recovery. 


Headquartered in Springfield, MO, SRCL is part of SRC Holdings Corp. (SRC). SRC was founded by Jack Stack, the internationally renowned author, lecturer, and CEO. SRC's associates are leaders in core logistics, disassembly, cleaning, machining, assembly, and testing everything from fuel injectors to large off-highway transmissions. 


SRC is the oldest employee-owned remanufacturer to OEM's in North America. 


Worldwide, we are known for our open-book culture which espouses transparency, integrity, and economic literacy. We invite you to get to know our companies and see if we can help you grow your business.


Our Story

For 30 years, we have remanufactured products for the agricultural, industrial, construction, truck, marine, and automotive, markets, and our success has been based on the success of others. That is how we like to do business and we want to do business with you. 

In 1983, Jack Stack and his 12 business partners scraped together $100,000 and borrowed another $9 million to buy a failing division of International Harvester in Springfield, Missouri. With the country in the midst of a recession, the future looked bleak for the engine-rebuilding plant they called SRC (Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation). The company's debt-to-equity ratio was 89 to 1. with hundreds of jobs on the line and morale at an all-time low, Stack knew something drastic had to be done to keep the business from folding.

The solution was as simple and sensible as they come: Turn business into a game. This new approach to running a company was called Open-Book Management and was later coined "The Great Game of Business." Through using this approach, SRC has become a thriving company of over 1,200 engaged employees in more than 17 business units across a variety of industries. This once struggling company with a stock price of only ten-cents per share in 1983 is worth over $199 a share today.


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The unique benefit that SRCL has brought to the table is the culture of pro-active continual improvements. The current state of core management of EMD material would not be possible if we did not have an eager, knowledgeable and process driven partner like we have with SRCL.”
— Tim Meeker | Remanufacturing Manager | EMD
Active core management is the foundation of any successful remanufacturing program. Without it, your customers will face shortages and surprises. Since CNH Reman implemented (RLMS) we’ve seen improvement across the board: ‘Best-in-Class’ service fill combined with streamlined core return processes have delighted our customers! Our program simply wouldn’t be where it is today without it. “
— Tom Hilmes | General Manager | CNH Industrial Reman
With the improved management of our core, we have been able to concentrate on the growth of our reman business. Our dealers have stated how easy it is to return core. This provides our dealers confidence in our reman business and is allowing us to grow this business sector.”
— Wayne Hintz | Remanufacturing Manager | Bobcat

Growing the Remanufacturing Industry Through the Core Return Process

December 2017

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